Leo Kang, 강래우(姜來佑)

Multimedia artist, HCI researcher
Ph.D candidate in Information Science, Cornell University

(email) lk423@cornell.edu
(C.V) download C.V(2016)

My art and academic works broadly explore emerging creativities through mutual reciprocity between technology, art, and social theory. I use art practice and extended ethnography as research methods to reflect on the socio-technological environments around us, as well as to transgress some of limited assumptions in the broad Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) and wider scientific and technological domains. My research and art proficiencies are built on integrated and heterogeneous experience in collaborating across different professional spaces including (a) art and design, (b) engineering in both hardware and software, (c) critical HCI as well as science and technology studies (STS) research, and (d) music.

I am currently completing my Ph.D dissertation entitled 'Improvisation and Art practice in HCI' that explores artistic and improvisational activity as both topic and method of multidisciplinary HCI inquiry. The main idea of this dissertation is to explore and provide an alternative and art-based research framework where artists can engage in and contribute to HCI research in their own art practices. I expect to complete the dissertation by January 2018. I am advised in this work by Dr. Steven Jackson, Dr. Phoebe Sengers, and Dr. Trevor Pinch at Cornell University.

My works have been published and exhibited in broad art and HCI venues including ACM CHI, NIME, Maker Faire, and introduced through various local and international media including BBC, the Verge, Makezine, and Leonardo Computer Music Journal.

Leo Kang, Feb 2017