Intermodulation I

by Leo(Laewoo) Kang with The Electric Golem, Min Park, and others

The Electric Golem x Breaking AndyWall x echo, Dec, 2015, Ithaca

'Intermodulation' is an artistic/academic project that explores the value of creative and improvisational collaborations in technology design process. We created a performative art event where an electronic music band, a classic cellist, and a multimedia artist collaborate together to present how music and visual interact by means of technology. The event occurred in two different parts. For the first part, The Electric Golem, Ithacabased a duo playing improvisational electronic music, played their music along with two different soundresponsive art works(Echo, Breaking AndyWall). In the later part, Min Keun Park, a classic cellist, played several classical pieces along with Echo. This event occured for two hours with dozens of audience in in the participant's art studio in Ithaca, NY in 19th December, 2015, and later had another concert for Ithaca Underground Concert in 15th January, 2016.

Although its artistic and research goal is open-ended, we intends to explore the theme of creative and collective practice in social science research including 1. the process of mutual reciprocity between creative professionals ; 2. the collective and group-based creative works, and 3. the influence of creative context and environment on social science research. This collaborative research/ art project is directed and oranized by Leo Kang.

Introduction : Intermodulation(04:56)