Leo Kang, 2015 ~ ongoing

'Intermodulation' is an integrated program of theoretical, ethnographic, and collaborative art work that explores improvisational activity as both topic and method of multidisciplinary HCI inquiry. In this series of projects, I have collaborated with different group of musicians to produce diverse audio-visual concerts in Ithaca, NY area since 2015. I have been mainly involved in this series of collaboration as a multimedia artist who would provide the visual installations for the performances.

The experience of these participations has been deliberately captured and studied through a general auto-ethnography approach with an extensive process of documentation and reflection, captured through a rich combination of cameras, video, audio recording, and field notes. By reporting these, I argue for improvisation and art practice as: (a) an active learning process that produces ‘situated’ creativity through the reconstruction of on-going experience; and (b) a complex and holistic collaborative practice that transcends and transforms the experience and capabilities of any given actor.

This project was named after two different uses of the same word, intermodulation, in different disciplines: one is the authors’ favorite jazz album titled ‘Intermodulation(Evans & Hall, 1966)’ where two distinctive jazz musicians collaborate to play “one penetrating dialogue”. Another ‘intermodulation’ is a scientific terminology in Electrical Engineering that explains “repulsive distortion” in signal processing when two or more different frequencies are merged into one nonlinear system. By adding another use of ‘intermodulation’ for the performance, my main motivation was to offer a a cross-sectional space where such human’s artistic exploration as well as keen controllability are not artificially compartmentalized as separated, but understood as human’s unique and integrated capacity arouse from the tension between structure and freedom.

Ithaca Studio, NY, Feb 2017

The lists of musicians, HCI researchers, and assistants who have been involved in this project are following:

Intermodulation III(2017) : ongoing, open for any genre collaboration, please email me if you are interested in.

Intermodulation II(2016) : Powerdove(, Dr. Steven Jackson(, Yanpu Wu(MPS '16), Sofie Cornelis(BS '19, Cornell)

Intermodulation I(2015) : The Electric Golem, Min Keun Park, AVIATRIX(, Dr. Steven Jackson, Dr. Trevor Pinch