2017 - ongoing

Photography by Leo(Laewoo) Kang

These are more recent series of photography that I have composed since 2017. I use diverse photo equipments from analogue to digital.
I also run my own darkroom where I process and develop B/W photography by myself.


Missing in Transit, July 2017
Lomo LC, Seoul, Korea
Online Exhibition: http://laewoo.com/missingintransit/

Cloud Island, June 2017
Samsung Galaxy 8, Isle of Skye, Scotland
Online Exhibition: http://laewoo.com/cloudisland/

I Was Looking at Myself On The Way To Skye, June 2017
Olympus Mju II, Edinburgh - Skye, Scotland
Online Exhibition: http://laewoo.com/waytoskye/

People in Rome, March 2017
Leica M7, Rome, Italy
Online Exhibition: http://laewoo.com/peopleinrome/

Colors in Venice, March 2017
Leica M7, Venice, Italy
Online Exhibition: http://laewoo.com/colorsinvenice/

Two Connected Dogs in My Mind, Feb 2017
Olympus mju II, Ithaca, NY
Online Exhibition: http://laewoo.com/twoconnecteddogs/

A Man Walking In Time, March 2017
Leica M7, Ithaca, NY
Online Exhibition: http://laewoo.com/intime/

Decisive Across in NYC, 어쩌다 마주한 두 순간, Jan 2017
Leica M7, New York, NY
Online Exhibition: http://laewoo.com/decisive_NYC/