2013 - 2016

Photography by Leo(Laewoo) Kang

These are the series of photography that I have composed from 2013 to 2016. I use diverse photo equipments from analogue to digital. I also run my own darkroom where I process and develop B/W photography by myself.

I Always Knew That You Were Keeping These Colors Inside of You, 2013~2014
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Online Exhibition: http://laewoo.com/alwaysknew/

Back in Dark, 암실로의 회귀, 2016 ~
Leica M7, Olympus Mju II
Online Exhibition: http://laewoo.com/darkroom/

People Keep Asking Me Where I Want To Go , 2015
Sony NEX 5
Online Exhibition: http://laewoo.com/peoplekeepasking/

Alone Together, 2014
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Online Exhibition: http://laewoo.com/alonetogether/

I Could See You Closely Again In Paris, 2013
Sony NEX5
Online Exhibition: http://laewoo.com/againinparis/