Hello! India

- The third time in India and the first love, 세번째 인도, 그리고 첫사랑

'Hello India' is a collection of travel essays that I wrote about my backpacking experience in India. This book has been published since 2007 and once ranked as top 10 best selling book(Naver) in Jan 2008 in Korea. This book also has been introduced and published in Korean official middle school textbook since 2009.

Genre: Travel Essay
Author: Kang Laewoo
Paperback: 297 pages
Language: Korean
Publisher: Editor (27th Dec 2007)
ISBN: 9788992037242

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Read chapter 6 in 'Hello India' -English -Korean

'Hello! India' in Middle School Textbook of Korean Literature

 Three chapters of this book have been included in a part of Middle School Textbook for Korean Literature since 2010.